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Posted (9/21/2022 9:45:00 AM by Staffline

  • Oxford
  • £26k - 33k per annum + bonus
£26k - 33k per annum + bonus <

Industry: (LO

Contract Type: (Permanent

(Shift Manager
Type of job:  Permanent
Location:  Oxford
Salary:  £26,000 - £33,000 + Bonus
You’re all about  process, pace and delivering excellence.  Relationship building, problem solving and continuous improvement are what motivate you at work…...

Posted (8/31/2022 10:02:00 AM by Staffline

  • Sherburn
  • £45k - 50k per annum
£45k - 50k per annum <

Industry: (LO

Contract Type: (Contract

(Warehouse Performance and Continuous Improvement Manager
Type of job: Fixed Term Contract (6 Months)
Location: Sherburn, Leeds
Salary: £45,000 - £50,000 depending on experience
Are you someone who can spot inefficiencies and provide solutions? Comfortable coaching and managing...